One million visitors for LOVE IS ALL (ALLES IS LIEFDE)

Again, Joram Lürsen’s LOVE IS ALL breaks all the records; one million visitors have seen the movie, it is now the most successful Dutch romantic comedy ever. LOVE IS ALL has become a  ‘Diamond Film’ in only nine weeks and beats BLACKBOOK by this, it took BLACKBOOK nineteen weeks to gain the one million. LOVE IS ALL is in the top 20 of Holland’s best films ever.

The millionth visitor, went to the film at cinema MustSee in Tilburg. Doreen Boonekamp, Director of the Dutch Film Festival gave the Diamond Film-award to actress Carice van Houten and director Joram Lürsen. 

Kim van Kooten wrote the scenario for LOVE IS ALL, it is a romantic comedy about problems in the love life’s of six couples who find out that love is everywhere. They all want to have it. But love is like Santa Claus, you have to believe in it, otherwise it won’t work out.

The stars in the cast are Carice van Houten, Paul de Leeuw, Wendy van Dijk, Marc-Marie Huybregts, Thomas Acda, Michiel Romeyn, Chantal Janzen, Daan Schuurmans, Peter Paul Muller, Jeroen Spitzenberger, Valerio Zeno and Anneke Blok.

LOVE IS ALL is a production of Motel Films, Fu Works and Kemna & Zonen, in co-production with the VARA. 

You can see LOVE IS ALL in 93 cinema’s.

The Golden Film, Platina Film and Diamond Film are granted by the Dutch Film Festival and the Dutch Film Fund when for a Dutch feature film respectively 100.000, 400.000 and 1 million tickets are sold. The Cristal Film is de prize for a Dutch documentary which attracted 10.000 visitors.