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About Fu Works

Fu Works productions was founded in 1995 by San Fu Maltha and has grown into one of the most leading feature film production companies of the Netherlands. Fu Works is an independent and internationally oriented production company that produces films, documentaries and TV series.

San Fu Maltha started out in distribution working for companies like Warner Bros. Holland, Columbia Tri Star Holland, Meteor/Polygram Benelux, RCV and Pathé UK. Together with two partners he started A-Film, which quickly became the leading independent distributor in the Netherlands. In 2005 he sold his shares and focused on film production.

Fu Works Productions has produced and co-produced several successful and award winning feature films, such as SÜSKIND, TIRZA (Dutch entry best foreign film – Academy Awards), WINTER IN WARTIME (shortlist best foreign film – Academy Awards), KENAU, LOVE IS ALL and BLACK BOOK (shortlist best foreign film – Academy Awards) and documentaries 4-ELEMENTS, PARRADOX and MADE IN KOREA. Fu Works also expresses interest in smaller movies, such as MILO, MAJESTY, KICKS and the Finnish-Chinese-Dutch cult film JADE WARRIOR.

Recently released films are KENAU and horror/thriller THE POOL.

RAILMOVIE, a roadmovie by Eddy Terstall and Erik Wünsch will be released in the beginning of 2015.

Fu Works Productions has many feature films and TV drama projects in development, such as WESTERLING, DE OVERSTAP, ALBERTA, DE EXACTE INTELLIGENTIE VAN DE HUID, DE STILLE KRACHT, EEN ECHTE VAN MEEGEREN, SPINOZA and NADRA. Besides feature films, we aim to develop multi platform projects, such as the TV dramas DECENNIUM and TIKKENDE TIJDBOMMEN.

San Fu Maltha also is internationally active. Since 2005, Maltha is involved in the Australian film and television company New Holland Pictures as a major shareholder. New Holland Pictures produced SEPARATION CITY and UNFINISHED SKY, a remake of the Dutch Golden Globe nominee THE POLISH BRIDE. New Holland Pictures was the co-producer of the successful sci-fi comedy IRON SKY. In 2006, Maltha set up a joint venture with exhibitor group Blitz in Indonesia, called Jive. Jive is an Indonesian distribution company and Blitz is an exhibitor with multiplexes all over Java.

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