Soul Assassin

Kevin Burke is a young, ambitious security agent employed by a powerful multinational company run by the sinister Karl Jorgensen.
When Kevin finally secures an important promotion he is ecstatic and intends to ask his beautiful girlfriend to marry him, but instead their romantic evening ends in tragedy when Rosalind is brutally murdered by a hit man. Kevin's world begins to collapse around him and he swears to track down the killer.

Now begins a murderous game where no-one is whom they seem and paranoia is a virtue. As he seeks for the truth Kevin learns more than he ever wanted to know. Why is he being followed by the mysterious Tessa? Was Rosalind involved in major international crime? What vital information is on the Interpol disc? And is Jorgensen really who he appears to be?

These are questions Kevin cannot answer until the bloody climax high up on a rain lashed windmill throws light into his darkness!