Verhoeven links with Constantin for One Step Behind

Dutch director Paul Verhoeven is planning to make a film adaptation of Swedish thriller One Step Behind by author Henning Mankel - his first film since Hollow Man in 2000.

German production house Constantin Film approached Verhoeven to direct the film which deals with the murder of three teenagers investigated by inspector Kurt Wallander, a regular of Mankel's books.

One Step Behind's screenplay is being written by Gerard Soeteman, who worked closely on the Dutch films of Verhoeven in the past such as Turkish Delight and Soldier of Orange.

Casting had not yet begun. Verhoeven plans to start shooting the film later this year in America, in the state of Maine.

Verhoeven told a Dutch news agency that he no longer will direct his planned feature on the Dutch artist Montyn, who collaborated with the Nazis during the 2nd World War, due to a conflict with the producer.

He still is involved with the Dutch language thriller Blackbook, to be produced by Fu Works for a budget of Euros 9m, and the Russian thriller Azazel by author Boris Bakoenin, but no starting dates have been set yet.