World War II drama SÜSKIND is selected for the Jerusalem Film Festival in Israel (July 5th- 14th). Director Rudolf van den Berg will be present at the premiere on the 12th of July. SÜSKIND is selected for the program 'The Jewish Experience' which screens films who are dealing with Jewish identity, Jewish history, lost communities, memories of the Holocaust, Diaspora-Israel ties, expressions of Jewish art and creativity, Jewish ethnicity and Jewish roots, personal stories which reflect both universal and individual concerns. The two awards in this category are 'Avner Shaled Yad Vashem-award' for Holocaust related films and the 'Lia Van Leer - award' for films about Jewish heritage. SÜSKIND tells the true story about Walter Süskind, who saved almost one-thousand Jewish children from deportation. A dramatic and agonizing film and a testament that things can only change when ordinary people take a stand.