Paul Verhoeven will direct THE HIDDEN FORCE by Couperus

Verhoeven cooperates again with BLACK BOOK screenwriter Gerard Soeteman and†BLACK BOOK producer San Fu Maltha.

The most populair Dutch Hollywood director Paul Verhoeven will direct his next Dutch movie after blockbuster BLACK BOOK (2006). The scenario is written by Gerard Soeteman, in cooperation with the director. The film is produced by Black Book producer San Fu Maltha. Verhoeven announced this today in the Dutch TV-program ZOMERGASTEN.

The story of THE HIDDEN FORCE takes place in the year 1900 on the island Java in the Dutch East Indies. Overwhelming nature with rivers, mountains and active vulcanoes. Paul Verhoeven, whose family lived in East Indie, has always wanted to direct a film about the former Dutch colony.
THE HIDDEN FORCE is one of the famous novels of Louis Couperus†and was adapted into a Dutch TV-series in 1974. Verhoeven wanted to adapt a novel of Couperus ever since the Seventies.
Producer San Fu Maltha†thinks THE HIDDEN FORCE has a perfect mix of excitement, eroticism and the supernatural. "While my mother has Indonesian roots, I was fascinated by the book since my youth and later also by the TV series. From the moment I started to produce films, THE HIDDEN FORCE†was on the top of my list with future filmprojects," Maltha says.†

Paul Verhoeven is best known for directing the American feature films BASIC INSTINCT, ROBOCOP, TOTALL RECALL and STARSHIP TROOPERS. Both ROBOCOP and TOTALL RECALL won an Academy Special Achievement Award. Verhoeven and writer Soeteman worked together on the Dutch films†BLACKBOOK, SOLDIER OF ORANGE, TURKISH DELIGHT and THE FOURTH MAN. Producer San Fu Maltha of Fu Works was beside BLACK BOOK responsible for WINTER IN WARTIME, both films where on the shortlist for the Academy Awards.
Upcoming productions of Fu Works are†AMPHIBIOUS 3D, MAJESTY and TIRZA.†

THE HIDDEN FORCE†will be shoot in 2011.†