Miryanna van Reeden and Victor Reinier play leading roll in short film of Tim Oliehoek

Miryanna van Reeden and Victor Reinier promised their cooperation to THE HORSELESS PRINCE, a short film of Tim Oliehoek

The young talent Joep van Truyen will play a leading roll next to Miryanna van Reeden (WESTENWIND, LIEVER VERLIEFD) and Victor Reinier (BAANTJER, LEF). This ten year old boy just rounded off the recordings of the Dutch television movie MILAN EN DE ZIELEN from director Arend Steenbergen.

THE HORSELESS PRINCE is a partly autobiographic short film which at the moment is filmed on a few locations in Holland. Tim’s birthplace Stompwijk, also used as setting for his first film BUY OR DIE, will be used again. “Because the film is partly autobiographic I thought it was a logic choice. I growed up their and I also recorded my first movie. Stompwijk has a special place in my heart”, said Oliehoek.

After his short film THE CHAMP, which was nominated for a Student Academy Award, this will be Tim’s second one. THE HORSELESS PRINCE will approximately have a duration time of 10 minutes and probably will be shown at the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht at the end of September.
“It will be a hell to finish the film on time, but this is a chance I cannot let go. After the premiere in Utrecht, THE HORSELESS PRINCE will be shown as a leading film in other Dutch cinemas”.

Tim Oliehoek: “This project is a good preparation for the cooperation between the people who will also are participating in VET HARD. Together with San Fu Maltha also Willem de Beukelaar, Corrino en Kemna Casting are working on this project. In short, I can not wait to start filming.”

Amsterdam, 22 juli 2003