Jack Wouterse leading roll in action comedy VET HARD!

Amsterdam, 10 juni 2003

Jack Wouters will play the leading roll in the new action comedy Vet Hard!, directed by the Student Academy Award nominated director Tim Oliehoek.

VET HARD! is a remake of the Danish gangster comedy OLD MEN IN NEW CARS from writer Anders Thomas Jensen. This feature film, with many sensational stunts combined with humour was a big commercial success in Danmark with more than 350.000 visitors.

VET HARD! is about a gangster Bennie (Jack Wouterse) who is released from prison and wants to start a new live as a restaurant owner. Nevertheless, his criminal past is catching him up and as quick as the action scenes appears, as quick Bennie collects a bunch of living and dead idiots.

Jack Wouterse (PIETJE BELL, TEMMINK, KRUIMELTJE, DE NOORDERLINGEN, GRIJPSTRA EN DE GIER) was very enthousiasttic after reading the script. “The story and persons are great. I’m also confinced of Tim’s talent. I really looking forward to the moment we can start with this ambitious project”.

Director of the film Tim Oliehoek was accepted on the DFTA after his 2,5 hours during movie BUY OR DIE get a lot of attention from the national press. He was only 18 years old then. He graduated with the film ISABELLE by the book of Tessa de Loo. This film was nominated for The Tuschinski Award and won a Student Award on the USA Film Festival. His first telefilm 15.35:SPOOR 1 is nominated for the Prix D’Italie. Tim: “I’m very happy with Jack playing the leading part of the movie! He was my first choice.”

Vet Hard! will be produced by Fu Works (COSTA!, PHILEINE ZEGT SORRY) for Holland and A Private View (SCIENCE FICTION) for Belgium together with BNN, the Dutch Corrino and the Danish Thura Film (OLD MEN IN NEW CARS).