Brian Yuzna and San Fu Maltha Launch First Indonesian Film

American fantasy filmmaker Brian Yuzna of the Re-Animator series fame and Black Book producer San Fu Maltha of the Netherlands have released their first Indonesian production Takut: Faces of Fear under their new company Komodo Films.

Takut is an anthology of six short films directed by seven Indonesian filmmakers, including internationally acknowledged Riri Riza and a group of first-time directors, dubbed “Darah Segar” or “fresh bloods”. It features Indonesia’s top acting talents such as Dinna Olivia, Lukman Sardi, Marcella Zalianty, Fauzi Baadila and actor-singer Shanty.

The stories draw on the traditional genre flavors of Suspense, Supernatural, Erotic-Thriller, Horror-Comedy, Zombie Action and Slasher filtered through the unique cultural sensibility of each director.

The anthology has created much enthusiasm in the local as well as the international market. Takut was represented at the American Film Market this year for sales by Halcyon International Pictures and has been acquired by Netherlands’ horror label Mr. Horror Presents and Spain’s Magic Latern.

The film has been invited to screen at the Rotterdam International Film Festival in January and other festivals in Ireland, Estonia, Slovenia and Italy already. A distributor in the US has expressed interests in a limited theatrical release in Los Angeles and New York.

Between them Yuzna and Maltha have produced films all over the world that have found success in the international box office as well as won awards. San Fu Maltha is an award-winning Europe-based producer who has worked with proven talents like Paul Verhoeven in Black Book, as well as with upcoming talents as in 4 Elements and Jade Warrior. Brian Yuzna is best known for his involvement in the Re-Animator series, The Dentist, Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, Crying Freeman and most recently the Fantastic Factory productions in Spain.

“I was fascinated by the energy and the resourcefulness of Indonesian filmmakers and thought of finding ways to get them into the international market,” said San Fu Maltha. “Takut was the ideal tool for us to get to know the best of the Indonesian filmmakers - a showcase of the best that an emerging market like Indonesia has to offer.”

7 Directors, 6 Stories, 1 Emotion – FEAR
In Show Unit Rako Prijanto, a known television and feature film director, tells a story of a man who becomes a victim of a deadly game of extortion after he investigates an intruder at his house. Riri Riza shares his childhood fear through Titisan Naya, where a sceptical young girl discovers that her ancestors are not just a faded memory during a traditional family ritual. Ray Nayoan explores the world of a Peeping Tom in his first short movie Peeper. Another newcomer Robby Ertanto tells a tale of black magic in horror-comedy The List. Veteran music-video director Raditya Sidharta collaborated with the country’s Police special rescue squad in Indonesia’s first zombie flick The Rescue. And in Dara the Mo Brothers show how an attractive chef applies her knife skills to protect her secret recipe.

Takut: Faces of Fear opened the Indonesian Fantastic Film Festival in Jakarta last week and will play in theatres from 27 November 2008.

Komodo Films
Based in Jakarta Komodo Films is a production company dedicated to producing films of terror, the supernatural, science fiction and fantasy for the international market. Drawing on the legends, culture, locations and talents of Indonesia as well as importing technical and artistic talents from America, Europe and Asia Komodo Films aims to create a new wave of fantastic cinema. 

“There was something new coming out of Asia that was resonating with film fans all over the world and I wanted to be a part of it,” Yuzna said. “Takut represents Komodo Films' philosophy of bringing together accomplished masters with emerging young talents in order to create a unique brand of fantastic films.”

Some productions will be shot in Bahasa Indonesia language, reflecting the unique perspective of Indonesian directors, writers and actors, but others will be produced in English with internationally known directors and actors. It is in the cross-fertilization of these talents that the uniqueness of the Komodo Films productions aspire.

Komodo Films upcoming projects include ‘creature feature’ Amphibious that will be directed by Yuzna himself; a sci-fi flick Necronauts that is based on a novel by Terry Bisson and will be directed by Virtuosity and Lawnmower Man director Brett Leonard; and a survival story Cold Blooded.

Komodo Films is currently working with Singapore Film Comission, The Media Development Authority and Singaporean partners to establish a state-of-the-art 3-D facility which will supervise above productions to become the first 3-D feature films in the region. 

For more information about Takut or Komodo Films you can visit http://www.takutthemovie.com or email to office@komodofilms.com.