Süskind - In theatres January 19

De Kleine Kapitein

The Little Captain tells the story of a group of children in a small village near the sea: Plodgy Plum, Timid Thomas and Marinka. One day, the coast is hit by a heavy storm with waves as high as tower blocks. Once the storm has passed, a ship suprises the villagers. From the hull of the ship, a small boy appears: the little captain. Plodgy Plum, Timid Thomas and Marinka exitedly ask him if they can come with him on his trip. A wave whisks the ship and the children away on a big adventure; looking for new islands and castaways. On board on ‘The Neversink’ they move towards ‘the island of Evertaller’, a mysterious island where children grow big within one day. One their way they have to struggle with dragons, wild beast, forces of nature and each other to reach the island safely.