Süskind - In theatres January 19

Bijna Dood - Almost Dead

After the dead of her oldest daughter Anna, who drowned in the bathtub several years ago when she was under the influence of drugs, Iris has tucked her emotions and feelings away to not feel the pain of this lost. Instead of dealing with these emotions and feelings, she compensated it with business success. She is living in a world of comfort with not too many emotions together with her husband Ernst and her youngest daughter Olivia. And then all of the sudden Iris has a cardiac arrest. She is experiencing herself from outside her body and has the most horrible almost-dead experience; she is already at ‘the other side’ and sees her daughter Anna drowning in the bath tub. She also sees, that somebody else is present… It is a man. Iris doesn’t get to see his face, because at that exact moment she is being  resuscitated and brought back to life and reality.