Seven directors offer us their original visions of fear in six gripping films that encompass the breadth of the genre: SHOW UNIT, TITISAN NAYA, PEEPER, THE LIST, THE RESCUE and DARA.

These dascinating stories draw on the traditiona; genre flavors Thriller, Supernatural, Hooror-Comedy, Zombie Action and Slasher filtered through the unique sensibility of each director, featuring a rich selection of Indonesia's leading acting talents.

SHOW UNIT: A man investigates an intrader in his house only to become the victim of a deadly game of extortion and murder.

TITISAN NAYA: During her family's traditional sacred dagger cleansing-ritual a skeptical teenager discovers that her ancestors are not just a faded memory.

PEEPER: A peeping Tom who finds his comeuppance in the backstage of a Wayang Orang dance theatre.

THE LIST: A scorned woman engages a 'dukun' to use black magic to satisfy her appitites for revenge, in a short flick that features special effects by Orloando Bassi and Aghi Narottama's music that is an homage to Indonesian 1980's exploitation cinema.

THE RESCUE: A fast-paced chase through an apocalyptic Jakarta inhabited with cannibalistic 'sub-humans'. A patrol of mobile brigadier Gegana Special Forces must lead civilian survivors to safety before they are all infected.

DARA: One woman. Three men. Let the feast begin.. A story about haute cuisine and the lenghts which a beautiful chef will go to in order to satisfy her customers.