Requiem für eine Freundin

Old Diana sees her cat being eaten by another cat. She is heartbroken. The sadness brings her thoughts back to the past. She lived as a young girl in World War II and has vivid memories of her cat in that period. A photograph of her making a Hitler greeting. Her doorbell rings, an unknown girl is asking to be let in. Rose is a prostitute. Not because she likes it, she needs money for drugs. Rose has found the collar of Diana's passed-away cat. She is willing to give it back, but only if Diana pays 50 euros. Diana doesn't hesitate and hands over the money, but cries out loud afterwards. Rose turns compassionate, Diana invites her in for a drink. The old woman has a harpsichord and after a good talks decides to play a few tunes. The pastoral sound of the instrument seems to tranquilize Rose.