Süskind - In theatres January 19
Romantic Comedy


When Alfred infers that his girlfriend Moniek is having an affair, he decides to leave Moniek and sets out to show the world that he doesn’t have a problem with making money. He starts a company called Rent a Friend and rents himself out as a friend to those in need of one.

The concept is so successful that he is soon running a veritable "friends empire". Things really take off when Alfred hires the highly inventive manager Françoise. Moniek, by this time, is lonely and unhappy – perhaps it is time she calls Rent a Friend?

The setting of Rotterdam skyscrapers and Japanese gardens creates a imaginative background for this modern urban fairy tale. With his new feature Eddy Terstall departs from his well-known approach to love stories. He takes a different approach and leads us on an exciting trip into a world where plastic dreams and true feelings meet each other.