A heart-warming film that notes the differences between people, but mostly emphasises their similarities.

Kicks is a gritty but hilarious kaleidoscopic look at present-day Holland. While at times confrontational, the film also takes a witty look at the emotional dilemmas, fears, expectations and misunderstandings that exist in a multicultural society. The actors of Moroccan descent who starred in the successful Shouf Shouf Habibi! are now joined by a collection of native Dutch actors.

A host of characters, both funny and serious, are observed by two young Moroccan Dutchmen. All represent some layer of Dutch society: a beautiful upper class girl sets out to meet a 'real' immigrant, a filmmaker tries to make a film about the fate of asylum seekers and fails spectacularly, a Moroccan-Dutch army sergeant searches for true love and a young homeless shelter assistant seeks happiness outside the familiar ground of her family and her workplace.
Golden Calf 'Best Music' 2007
International Film Festival Cairo 'Best Screenplay' 2007
Aaliyah Denise